Camera Flash

Nikon SB-N5 PHP 7,500.00

Nikon SB400 PHP 6,500.00
Nikon SB500 PHP 12,500.00
Nikon SB700 PHP 16,500.00
Nikon SB910 PHP 20,000.00
Nikon SB5000 PHP 25,900.00
Nikon SB-R200 PHP 9,998.00
Nikon SU800 PHP 13,000.00
R-1 CloseUp Flash PHP 23,500.00
R1C1 Wireless CloseUp Speedlight PHP 38,000.00

Canon Speedlite EL-1 P69,998 / P66,498 CASH
Canon Battery Pack LP-EL P6,998
Canon EL-100 P12,498 (Canon Phils Warranty)
Canon 90ex – P5,900 (Canon Phils Warranty)
Canon 270ex II – P9,900 (Canon Phils Warranty)
Canon 320ex – P11,700 (Canon Phils Warranty)
Canon 430ex III RT – P12,998 (Canon Phils Warranty)
Canon 470ex AI – P26,498 (Canon Phils Warranty)
Canon 600ex-RT II – P30,000 (Canon Phils Warranty)
MR-14EX Ring – P33,000 (Canon Phils Warranty)
MT-24ex Macro Twin – P55,000 (Canon Phils Warranty)

Nissin i40 PHP 11,500.00
Niisin i60 PHP 14,500.00
Nissin Di466 PHP 4,200.00
Nissin Di600 PHP 5,400.00
Nissin Di700A PHP 11,000.00
Nissin Di866 Mark II PHP 11,500.00

Meike MK320 for Sony/Fujifilm PHP 3,790.00

Phottix Mitros Flash Kit PHP 11,000 (SALE)
Phottix Mitros Flash Kit PHP 11,000 (SALE)
Phottix Mitros + Canon/Nikon PHP 16,998

Yongnou YN460 II Flash (For all Camera mounts) PHP 2,800.00
Yongnou YN465 Flash (For Canon and Nikon) PHP 4,300.00
Yongnou YN467 Flash (For Canon and Nikon) PHP 4,500.00
Yongnou YN468 II Flash (For Canon) PHP 5,100.00
Yongnuo YN560 II Flash (Sony Mount) PHP 4,000.00
Yongnuo YN560 III Flash (Canon/Nikon) PHP 4,000.00
Yongnuo YN560 IV Flash (Canon/Nikon) PHP 4,200.00
Yongnuo YN660 Flash (Canon/Nikon) PHP 4,600.00
Yongnuo YN500EX Flash (Canon Mount) PHP 6,700.00
Yongnuo YN510EX Flash (Canon/Nikon) PHP 4,400.00
Yongnuo YN560EX Flash (Canon/Nikon) PHP 5,000.00
Yongnou YN565EX Flash (Canon/Nikon) PHP 6,900.00
Yongnou YN568EX III Flash (Canon/Nikon) PHP 6,200.00
Yongnuo YN600EX-RT Flash (Canon) PHP 7,800.00
Yongnuo YN685 TTL Flash (Canon/Nikon) PHP 6,800.00
Yongnuo YN720 Flash (Canon/Nikon) PHP 5,800.00
Yongnuo YN860Li Flash (Canon/Nikon) PHP 6,100.00
Yongnuo YN-14M (Canon/Nikon) PHP 4,900.00
Yongnuo YN-14EX TTL (Canon/Nikon) PHP 5,900.00

Viltrox JY610 Manual Flash – P1400
Viltrox JY-620 Manual Flash – P3600
Viltrox JY-620N TTL Flash – P4800
Viltrox JY-620C TTL Flash – P4800
Viltrox JY-670C TTL Macro Ring Flash – P5800
Viltrox JY-670N TTL Macro Ring Flash – P5800
Viltrox JY-680CH High Speed Sync TTL Flash – P5200

Sunpak PZ42X for Canon- P6,000
Sunpak PZ42X For Nikon- P6,000
Sunpak PZ42X for Sony- P6,000

Sunpak PZ40X for Canon- P4,800
Sunpak PZ40X for Nikon- P4,800
Sunpak PZ40X for Sony- P4,800

Sunpak PF30X for Canon- P4,300
Sunpak PF30X for Nikon- P4,300
Sunpak PF30X for Sony- P4,300

Sunpak RD2000 for Canon- 3,600
Sunpak RD2000 for Nikon- 3,600

Macro Ring Flash (For Canon, Nikon, etc) PHP 3,500.00

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

If items you want is not on the list, please contact us as we may accommodate but for order basis only.

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