Defective item is legible for replacement only when ALL the following conditions are met;

(1) Unit has manufacturer’s defects (e.g. Deadpixel, Hotpixel, No Power, No Flash).
(2) Unit is returned within seven (7) days from the date of purchase.
(3) Defective item endorsed after seven (7) days from the date of purchase is no longer eligible for replacement
(4) Unit is returned in saleable condition.
(5) Unit is returned together with its respective warranty card and proof of purchase. Failure to present both (6) warranty card and proof of purchase will render said warranty null and void.
(7) Defect is subject to scrutiny, discretion and further judgement/assessment on the part of Macys Camera Shop.
(8) Not more than 100 Shutter Count for Cameras.
(9) Client expressively agrees to wait until replacement unit is provided after scrutiny, discretion and further judgement/assessment on the part of Macys Camera Shop is confirmed.


(1) Specifically covers the cost of camera repair (check-up and labor service only) for one (1) year starting from the date of purchase.
(2) If and when repair of defective item requires replacement of part/s, the costs of said needed replacement part/s SHALL BE SHOULDERED by the CLIENT.
(3) The ONE YEAR SERVICE WARRANTY applies only to items having manufacturer’s defects. Nature of defect is solely the discretion and verdict of the company’s technical department and affiliated authorized service centers.
(4) However, manufacturer’s defect such as but not limited to the following: Deadpixel, Hotpixel, Service updates, No Flash and Pop-up Flash are not covered by the ONE YEAR SERVICE WARRANTY.
(5) Defects arising from Customer Misuse automatically revoke/voids the ONE YEAR SERVICE WARRANTY. In this case, all costs concerning repair of damaged item SHALL BE AT THE EXPENSE of the CLIENT. Defects classified as Customer Misuse are such but not limited to the following:

(a) No Power due to corrosion (water, rust, dust, moisture, mud and chemical reactive spillage)
(b) LCD Defect due to (cracked LCD, corroded LCD flex)
(c) Camera Malfunction due to (insects and/or any foreign object stuck inside the unit)
(d) Stuck-up Lens due to (Lens Barrel stuck at an odd angle)
(e) No Flash due to corrosion (corroded flash unit, flash board, power board)
(f) Camera Malfunctions due to unit being accidentally dropped, bumped or any other situation where which there is any hazardous condition involved.
(g) Forced Pop-out flash which causes flash malfunction
(h) Overcharging which results to battery leakage or overheating
(i) Cleaning is not part of WARRANTY because its not considered as factory defect
(j) Courier fees for provincial client should be shouldered by the client

* We do not provide replacement warranty and service warranty for ACCESSORIES (such as but not limited to the following: Video head, drum unit, head lamp, laser unit, batteries, battery pack, charger, power adapter, plugs, AV cable, USB cord, Memory card, LCD Protective screen and or plastic covering used with the product.)

* Underwater cameras are NOT COVERED in the warranty.

* We do not cover the repair of damaged items which resulted from water damage incidents or improper handling also for underwater camera/s.

* The WARRANTY becomes void or null if the serial no./model no. of product has been tempered with or removed.

* Defective accessories with SERVICE WARRANTY is subject to the discretion and further judgement on the part of the seller if can REPLACED.

* Warranty terms and condition are subject to change from time to time without prior notice.

* SERVICE TIME IS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY OF PARTS. If and when, replacement part/s are needed to complete a repair; client expressively agrees to wait until said needed parts have been delivered and repair is completed.

GoPro Warranty


(1) GoPro cameras are covered by 1year Parts and Service Warranty from GoPro. This warranty
does not cover misuse, abuse, unauthorized modifications, normal wear and tear and external
causes such as acts of nature.
(2) Water damage is not part of the warranty of GoPro. In case of water damage, whatever the
cause may be (including waterproof housing leakage), or out-of-warranty requests, the end-
user must contact GoPro directly at http://gopro.com/contact?force-contact-form and GoPro
will give detailed instructions on what to do.
(3) For in-warranty concerns, end-users are requested to bring the unit at our branches for assessment. 5-7days of assessing the units (cause of issues, etc.); in case replacement is warranty, 2-3weeks is needed for processing of replacements.



Ifix Center Inc
Unit 3 & 4 Century Plaza Commercial Complex,
J. Llorente St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
(032) 253 5480



DJI Guarantees that, under the following condition during the warranty period (see Chart), starting from the date product is purchased, warranty service will be provided.

1. The following conditions must be met for warranty service:
a. During warranty period, product is normal used, as intended by the manufacturer.
b. No unauthorized disassembling, modification or installation has been performed.
c. Labels, Serial Numbers, waterproof mark, false proof mark, etc. show no signs of tampering or altering.
d. Valid proof-of-purchase or receipt.

2. Following situations are not subject to warranty service conditions:
a. Crashes or fire damage caused by non-manufacturing factors, including but not limited to, pilot errors.
b. Damage caused by unauthorized modification, disassembling or shell opening which did not follow the instruction of official manuals.
c. Damage caused by improper installation, or incorrect use or operation despite of the guidance manuals.
d. Damage caused by unauthorized modification of circuit, mismatch or misuse of battery and charger.
e. Damage caused by a non-authorized service provider.
f. Damage caused by any flights which didn’t follow the instructions of the manuals.
g. Damage caused by operation in bad weather (i.e. strong wind, rain, sand/dust storm, etc.)
h. Damage caused by operating the unit in an electromagnetic interference environment (i.e. mining areas or close to radio transmission towers, high-voltage wires, substation, etc.)
i. Damage caused by operating the unit in a known environment with interference with other wireless devices (i.e. transmitter, video-link, Wi-Fi signals, etc.)
j. Damage caused by operating the unit with a weight greater that the safe takeoff weight.
k. Damage caused by forced flight when components have been aged or damaged.
l. Damage caused by reliability or compatibility issues when using unauthenticated third-party parts.
m. Damage caused by operating the unit with a low charged or defective battery.
n. Any form of water damage.
o. Damage caused by insect, mold, fungus, soil and/or sand percolation.
p. Damage resulting from any non-DJI technical or other support, such as assistance with “how-to” questions or inaccurate product set-up and installation.
q. Lost Aircraft.
r. Loss of, or damage to, your data by a product.
s. Any software programs, whether provided with the product or installed subsequently.

3. Miscellaneous
a. DJI requests that customers are responsible for shipping costs when sending their product(s) in for return, repair or exchange. This includes paying for all shipping costs when sending the unit abroad to DJI Regional Service Center if needed. Technical staff of after-sales service centers will examine the product to identify the problem and responsibility. If it is a quality problem of the product itself, DJI will accept all test cost, material cost, labor cost of the product.
b. If DJI determines that the product(s) do not fall under the warranty, DJI will advise the customer of the cost of repair and return delivery prior to repairing or sending the product(s).
c. If your issue is not subject to warranty or caused by non-manufacturing issue, then examination cost, material and labor cost will be charged according to the nature of the problem.
d. Customer can call DJI authorized dealer or DJI after-sales service center for more information of maintenance process.
e. Customer is responsible for any property damage and/or personal injury caused when operating the unit and agrees to abide by all applicable laws and regulations.
f. Customer is responsible to read, understand and follow all product documentations included in the unit and in the manufacturer’s website.

4. DJI product warranty period of main parts
Main Controller – 12 Months
Gimbal and Camera – 6 Months
Vision Positioning System – 6 Months
Propulsion system (excluding propellers) – 6 Months
Remote Controller – 12 Months
Battery – 6 Months and Charge Cycle less than 200 Times
Charger – 6 Months
Frame – No Warranty
Propeller – No Warranty

For other Main Parts product warranty period, please refer to: DJI After-Sales Service Policies;

5. DJI after sales service center contact info:
Email: support@dji.com