Camera Straps


Dual Leather Strap – P2,990

BlackRapid RS-4 – P2550
BlackRapid RS-5 – P3050
BlackRapid RS-7 – P2750
BlackRapid RS-W1 – P2750
BlackRapid RS-W1B – P2750
BlackRapid RS-Sport – P3250
BlackRapid RS-DR1 – P5850
BlackRapid RS-DR2 – P5850

Carryspeed Slim – P1990
Carryspeed Mounting Plate – P1200
Carryspeed Pro Mark II – P3700
Carryspeed Sport – P2990
Carryspeed Double – P5750
Carry Speed Extreme color Black – P3450
Carry Speed Extreme color Red – P3450
Carry Speed FS-2 – P2450
Carry Speed Tuxedo – P2990
Carryspeed Foldable Plate – P1500
Carryspeed Uni Strap – P800

Micnova MQ-MSP01 Multi Functional Body Harness – P1800

Gariz Leather XT1 (Black / Brown) – P5950
Gariz Wrist Strap WSM (Black with Red) – P1100
Gariz Wrist Strap WSM (Brown) – P1100

Crumpler – The Industry Disgrace – P1350
Crumpler – Popular Disgrace – P650

Quick Strap (Single) – P800
Quick Strap Neoprene/Skidproof – P1100
Double Quick Strap – P1300
Extra Plate (metal) – P300
JJC Quick Strap – P750
ONE Neckstrap – P850

SB-01 1/4″ Screw Camera Waist Spider Belt Quick Strap Buckle – P690
Z Shape Folding Camera Quick Release Plate ST-06 – P1550

OP/TECH Super Classic Strap 3/8- P1195
OP/TECH Dual Harness- P1950
OP/TECH Compact Strap Trio- P900


Gordy Natural Brown with Black Buckle with Black Cord with Black Strap Bumper – P1980
Gordy Dark Brown with Black Buckle with Black Cord with Dark Brown Bumper – P1980
GOrdy Black Leather with Black Buckle with Red Cord with Black Bumper – P1980
Gordy All Straight black leather, Buckle and Bumper – P1980

KAWA Xplorer Neck/Hand Strap – P2350

Cam-in 2770 – P1400
Cam-in 1875 – P800
Cam-in 2864 – P1800
Cam-in 7105 – P1050
Cam-in 1202A – P1050
Cam-in 1303A – P1050
Cam-in 7109 – P1050
Cam-in 8174 – P950
Cam-in 7134 – P1050
Cam-in 1441 – P1150
Cam-in 7118 – P1050
Cam-in 8672 – P950
Cam-in 2242 – P1800
Cam-in 7114 – P1050
Cam-in 1857 – P1050
Cam-in 1203A2 – P1050
Cam-in 1805 – P1200
Cam-in 86771 – P1200
Cam-in 8605 – P1100
Cam-in 8258 – P950

Peak Design

Capture PRO Camera Clip – ARCA Plate – P3800
Capture PRO Camera Clip – MICRO Plate – P3800
Capture Camera Clip – P2900
Capture P.O.V. – Strap mount for Point-of-View and Point-and-Shoot cameras – P3700
POV kit for Capture Camera Clip – P1500
PRO Pad for Capture Camera Clip – P1400

Spider PRO Single Camera System- P6,990
Spider PRO Dual Camera System- P12,990
Spider PRO 1 cam to 2 Cam Kit- P6,490
Spider Pro Plate- P1,490
Spider Pro Pin- P590
Spider Black Widow- P2,790
Spider Black Widow Kit- P4,199
Spider Black Widow Pin – P590
Spider Black Widow Plate- P990
Spider Camera Wrench- P390

Spider Camera Holster Think Tank Steroid SpiderPro Holster Kit- P8,190
Spider Camera Holster SpiderPro ThinkTank ProSpeed Belt Adapter Kit- P8,190

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