GoPro Products

*Cash Discounting Applicable

GoPro Hero 12 Black PHP 24,990 Cash Discounting Applicable!
GoPro Hero 12 Black Creator Edition PHP 36,990 Cash Discounting Applicable!
GoPro Hero 11 Black PHP 22,490 Cash Discounting Applicable!
GoPro Hero 11 Black Creator Edition PHP 34,990 Cash Discounting Applicable!
GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini PHP 18,990 Cash Discounting Applicable!
GoPro Hero 10 Black PHP 16,990
GoPro MAX PHP 29,490 Cash Discounting Applicable!

GoPro Accessories

Max Lens Mod PHP 7,490.00
Max Lens Mod 2.0 PHP 7,490.00
The Remote PHP 6,590.00
Rechargeable Battery (HERO9 Black) PHP 1,790.00
Enduro Rechargeable Battery PHP 230.00
Dual Battery Charger + Enduro PHP 5,490.00
Media Mod PHP 6,590.00
MAX Rechargeable Battery PHP 1,890.00
MAX Dual Battery Charger + Battery PHP 4,090.00
Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter PHP 3,690.00
Light Mod PHP 3,890.00
Volta PHP 9,990.00
Display Mod PHP 5,490.00
Floaty (HERO11 Black) PHP 2,490.00
Protective Housing (HERO11 Black) PHP 4,190.00
Protective Lens Replacement (Hero 11 Black) PHP 1,490.00
USB Pass-Through Door PHP 1,690.00
Replacement Door PHP 1,590.00
Replacement Folding Fingers PHP 1,190.00
Sleeve + Lanyard (HERO9 Black) PHP 1,790.00
Floaty (HERO8 Black) PHP 1,890.00
Casey PHP 2,890.00
Max Grip + Tripod PHP 3,790.00
MAX Replacement Lens Caps PHP 690.00
MAX Replacement Protective Lenses PHP 1,290.00
Protective Housing (HERO8 Black) PHP 2,990.00
Sleeve + Lanyard (HERO8 Black) PHP 1,290.00
Tempered Glass Lens + Screen Protectors (HERO8 Black) PHP 1,290.00
Grab Bag PHP 1,490.00
MAX Replacement Door PHP 1,290.00
Bite Mount + Floaty (HERO11 Black) PHP 3,990.00
Gumby (Flexible Mount ) PHP 3,990.00
The Handler (Floating Hand Grip) PHP 2,390.00
Boom+Bar Mount PHP 5,990.00
Boom+Adhesive Mount PHP 4,490.00
3-Way Grip 2.0 PHP 6,090.00
Hand + Wrist Strap PHP 3,090.00
Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount PHP 2,490.00
Head Strap + QuickClip PHP 1,390.00
Helmet Front + Side Mount PHP 1,890.00
Magnetic Swivel Clip PHP 1,890.00
Shorty (Mini Extension Pole + Tripod) [Black] PHP 2,490.00
Tripod Mounts PHP 1,390.00
Jaws: Flex Clamp PHP 3,090.00
Large Tube Mount (Roll Bars + Pipes + More) PHP 2,490.00
Camera Tethers PHP 1,390.00
Chesty (Performance Chest Mount) PHP 2,690.00
El Grande (38in Extension Pole) PHP 4,390.00
Suction Cup PHP 2,990.00
Surfboard Mounts PHP 1,490.00

Telesin Hero 8/7/6/5 Battery ₱580.00
Telesin Camera Suction Cup Bracket ₱870.00
Telesin 3way Stick ₱799.00
Telesin 300cm Stick ₱1,890.00
Telesin Rechargeable Stick ₱2,290.00


(1) GoPro cameras are covered by 1year Parts and Service Warranty from GoPro. This warranty
does not cover misuse, abuse, unauthorized modifications, normal wear and tear and external
causes such as acts of nature.
(2) Water damage is not part of the warranty of GoPro. In case of water damage, whatever the
cause may be (including waterproof housing leakage), or out-of-warranty requests, the end-
user must contact GoPro directly at and GoPro
will give detailed instructions on what to do.
(3) For in-warranty concerns, end-users are requested to bring the unit at our branches for assessment. 5-
7days of assessing the units (cause of issues, etc.); in case replacement is warranty, 2-3weeks is needed for
processing of replacements.


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