SJCAM SJ4000 AIR Action Camera PHP 2,900.00 (CASH Markdown Price)
SJCAM SJ8 AIR Action Camera PHP 4,800.00 (CASH Markdown Price)
SJCAM SJ8 PRO Action Camera PHP 9,500.00 (CASH Markdown Price)
SJCAM SJ8 PLUS Action Camera PHP 8,800.00 (CASH Markdown Price)

SJCAM M20 Action Camera PHP PHP 5,500.00 (CASH Markdown Price)
SJCAM SJ360 Action Camera with Wifi PHP 6,490.00 (Cash Markdown Price)

SJCAM SJDash Dashboard Camera PHP 4,500.00 (Cash Markdown Price)

SJCAM Battery (SJ4000, SJ5000, M10) PHP 598.00
SJCAM SJ6 Battery PHP 648.00
SJCAM Charger PHP 598.00
SJCAM Waterproof Case PHP 898.00
SJCAM Pole with Remote – PHP 1,400.00
SJCAM Car Accessory Kit – P440


Knog Qudos LED – P3990
GP166A LED Flash Light – P998


Saramonic G-Mic Professional Stereo Microphone for GoPro – P1680
Saramonic SR-GMX1 Lavalier Microphone for GoPro – P1890
Saramonic SR-LMX1 Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone – P1890
Saramonic SmartMic Microphone for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch – P990
Boya Pro Audio Lavalier Mic BY-GM10- P1098


Removu R1 LCD/Remote – P5990
Removu P1 LCD/Remote – P4990
Pacific Gear GoPro Wi-Fi Smart Remote – P3590


Lanparte Hand Held Electronic 3-Axis Gimbal HHG-01 (iPhone/GoPro)- P15999
Lanparte Magic Arm MA-03 – P4999
Lanparte 4.3″ LCD HDMI Monitor with Sun Hood for Gopro – P8499
GoPro Clamp GOC-01 – P1,499
Hand Held Gimbal Extra Battery HHGB-01 – P2,799
Feiyu G4 Steadycam Gimbal for GoPro – P16,499
GP208 – Handheld Stabilizer PHP 4,498.00
GoWorx The Original Handle + – P2180
GoWorx The Original Handle PRO + – P3180
Steadicam Curve (Black, Blue, Red) – P4995


Pacific Gear 3-way Grip – P2390
Pacific Gear Transparent GoPro Pole – P1690
GP239 Transparent Monopod for GoPro – P1490
RL-GP55 Monopole with Tripod Mount – P590
GP162A Yunteng C188 Monopode – P790
Joby Action Adapter Kit (Black) – P650
Joby Action Clamp & GorillaPod Arm (Black/Red) – P1200
Joby Action Clamp & Locking Arm (Black/Red) – P2050
Joby Action Grip & Pole (Black/Red) – P1150
Joby Action Grip (Black/Red) – P850
Joby GorillaPod Action Tripod with Mount for GoPro® – P2050
Joby Suction Cup & GorillaPod Arm™ (Black/Red) – P1200
Joby Suction Cup & Locking Arm™ (Black/Red) – P1600
Pacific Gears 3 Way Grip, Arm & Tripod – P2390
POV Gear Sick! Carbon Fiber Pole – P2990
Smatree Pole S1 – P1950
Smatree Pole S2 – P2390
Smatree Pole S3 – P2590
Smatree Pole Q3 – P1900
GP229 – Foldable Handheld Tripod with Tripod Mount – P748
GP237 – Monopod Selfie Stick with Remote Case – P1948
GP238 – Mini Extendable Pole Monopod – P1298
GP239 – Multifunctional 3-Way Foldable – P2348
GP82 – Floaty Bobber PHP 698.00
SandMarc Pole Metal Edition – P2585
SandMarc Pole Black Edition – P2180
SandMarc Compact Edition – P1880
SandMarc Carbon Grip – P1900
SpGadget Smart Remote Pole 23″ PHP 3,250.00
SpGadget Smart Remote Pole 28″ PHP 3,700.00
SpGadget Smart Remote Pole 39″ PHP 4,300.00
SpGadget POV Pole 19″ PHP 2,900.00
SpGadget POV Pole 36″ PHP 3,400.00
GoPole Grenade Grip PHP 1,350.00
GoPole Reach II PHP 3,400.00
GoPole Evo II PHP 2,700.00
GoScope Clutch PHP 1,500.00
GoScope Extreme PHP 3,4000.00
GoScope Original PHP 2,700.00
Quickpod Explorer II/III – PHP 2,650.00
Quickpod Sport – P2,990.00
Quickpod Ultra – P3,400.00


Telesin Dome for SJCAM – P2000
SandMarc Active Case – P2180
Zinked GoPro Case (Black) – PHP 1,999.00
Smatree Case G160 PHP 990.00
Smatree Case G75 PHP 890.00
GP83 – Mini Size Protective Case PHP 650.00
GP102 – Medium Size Protective Case PHP 750.00
GP110 – Large Size Protective Case PHP 850.00
Small Black Box PHP 650.00
Medium Black Box PHP 750.00
Big Black Box PHP 850.00
Small Camouflage Box PHP 700.00
Medium Camo Box PHP 800.00
Big Camo Box PHP 900.00
Waterproof Black Case PHP 1,800.00
Waterproof Orange Case PHP 1,800.00
SpGadget POV Aqua Case PHP 2,500.00
SpGadget POV Case Small (220 x 170 x 68 mm) PHP 2,100.00
SpGadget POV Case Small (Camouflage and Skull Design) PHP 2,300.00
SpGadget POV Case Large (330 x 220 x 68 mm) PHP 3,100.00
RL-GP39 EVA Case – P600
RL-GP41 Silicone Case – P580
RL-GP83 EVA Collecting Box – P900
SandMarc Armor Bag – P2250


Dome Port for GoPro Hero 4/3+/3 – P3995
NDM-2 Snorkeling Mask – P2490
GP101B Black Version 30M waterproof for Hero 4 – P1690
GP130 Lock buckle for Hero ¾ – P490
GP157 CNC Aluminum Alloy Clip for Housing of GoPro Hero4/3+ / Red – P690
GP248 Hero4/Hero3 40M Waterproof Housing PHP 1,298.00
Tehkron Cage Pro P8000
GP164A – Gopro Metal/CNC Case – P1698
GP226 – CNC Aluminum Cage (Silver,Black, Blue, Red) > Hero 4 – P1698
Waterproof Housing Hero3+ PHP 1,590.00
Waterproof Housing Hero3 PHP 1,390.00
GP163 Tripod Cradle Sunshade Housing for GoPro Hero4/3+/3 P898
GP236 – Sunshade Housing PHP 898.00
GP188 LCD Version Backdoor for GoPro Hero 3+ – P798


Smatree® (2-Pack)+ 3-Channel charger +Wall Charger + Car Charger+ European Plug for Gopro Hero 4 Camera PHP 1,950.00
Wasabi Hero 4 Battery Pack (2 batts, wall/car charger) PHP 1,950.00
Wasabi Hero 3 Battery Pack (2 batts, wall/car charger) PHP 1,980.00
Wasabi Hero 3 Battery Pack (2 batts, DUAL wall/car charger) PHP 2,000.00
GP227 Hero 4 Replacement Battery PHP 650.00
GP36 Hero 3 Replacement Battery 1180mAh PHP 550.00
Battery Charger for Gopro Hero 3/3+ PHP 550.00
GP228 – USB Dual Charger for Hero4 PHP 848.00
GP243 – Charger for GoPro AHDBT-401 Battery PHP 698.00


GoPro Red Dive Filter (for Standard + Blackout Housing) PHP3,190.00
GP137 – Red Filter for GoPro Hero4 PHP 488.00
GP165 – Colorful Under Sea Filter for GoPro Hero4 (RED) PHP 398.00
GP204 – 52mm Filter Ring BLACK PHP 718.00
GP207 – 52mm Red Filter for Underwater Filming PHP 718.00
Red Lens Protect Cover PHP 750.00
Red Lens Protect Cover PHP 750.00
Polar Pro SwitchBlade Red/Macro 2.0- PHP 3,200.00
Polar Pro GoPro Filter 3-Pack- P2,800.00


GP150 Leash Camera Strap Sling – P998
GP186 Transparent Head Quick Clip – P698
Pacific Gear Chest Mount Harness – P990
Pacific Gear Head Strap Mount with Swift Clip – P790
GP46 Floaty sponge for Gopro Hero 4/3+/3/2/1, with 3M sticker – P390
GP204 New Style Chest Harness Mount – P690
GP233 UK UK Flag Sticker for GoPro Hero 4- P490
GP245 Double-Bracket Bridge- P790
GP06 – 2x Horizontal Surface Quick-Release Buckle – P390.00
Pacific Gears Floatee + Anti Fog Inserts Duo Pack – P790.00
Pacific Gears Tripod Mount + Quick Release – P450.00
Pacific Gears GoPro Protective Lens Cap Cover – P450.00
PRO Standard Grill Mount – P1190
GP233 – Triple Suction Cup Mount with CNC – P990.00
GP25 – Chest Mount Harness with Three-Way – P1090.00
GP23 – Head Strap Mount with Anti-Slip Rubber – P890.00
GP84 – Caps for GoPro Hero4 – P490
GP04 – Vented Helmet Strap Mount – P690
GP71 – Standard Frame with Quick Release – P840.00
GP222 – Shoulder Mount Harness – P940.00
Hero 3/4 Rubber Cap – P300
GP231 – 360-degree Rotating Glove Mount PHP 948.00
GP03 – Tripod Mount PHP 300.00
GP66 – Roll Bar Mount PHP 718.00
GP240 – 360 Degree Rotating Wrist Mount with Thumb Knob PHP 798.00
Handle Bar Mount for Bike PHP 350.00
Motorbike Roll Bar PHP 450.00
Thumb Knob Kit PHP 250.00
Tripod Mount Adapter PHP 350.00
Arm/Wrist Belt PHP 600.00
Head Strap with Chin Belt PHP 400.00
9cm Suction Cup + Tripod Mount PHP 400.00
Shoulder Strap PHP 550.00
Clamp for Bike + Tripod Mount PHP 450.00
SpGadget Dive Buoy PHP 2,600.00
SpGadget Swivel Arm Mount PHP 1,400.00
RL-GP46 Floaty – P400
RL-GP56 Tripod Mount with Thumb Knob – P360
RL-GP61 Suction Cup Mount with Tripod Mount – P750
RL-GP90 Light Weight Head Strap Mount – P800
RL-GP92 360 Helmet Mount – P990
SandMarc Thumbscrew – P900
SandMarc Tripod Mount – P900
SandMarc Floaty – P820
SandMarc Antifog Inserts – P690

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