Studio Accessories

Beauty Dish (Silver or White)

Beauty Dish 42cm/17inch (No Honeycomb) – P3300
Beauty Dish 55cm/22inch (No Honeycomb) – P4800
Beauty Dish 70cm/27inch (No Honeycomb) – P5500
Beauty Dish 42cm/17inch (with Honeycomb) – P5300
Beauty Dish 55cm/22inch (with Honeycomb) – P7500
Beauty Dish 70cm/27inch (with Honeycomb) – P8000
Beauty Dish Softbox with Grid 90cm – P5300
Collapsible Beauty Dish 100cm – P4800
Wave Beauty Dish with Grid – P9500
Deep Reflector with Grid – P3100
Honeycomb Only 42cm – P2100
Honeycomb Only 55cm – P3100
Honeycomb Only 70cm – P3600

Jewelry Acrylic Stand – P850
PB-01 Photo Box 60×60 – P1200
PB05A LED Shooting Box 70x70cm – P6000

Single Umbrella Holder- P600.00
Double Umbrella Holder- P800.00
Flash Bracket with Lamp Holder- P900

Softbox Kit

40x40cm Softbox Compact Kit w/ Flash Holder- P2800
60x60cm Softbox Compact Kit w/ Flash Holder- P3000
80x80cm Softbox Compact Kit w/ Flash Holder- P3200

*additional P600 for Weifing 6ft Lightstand

Bowen Mount with GRID/Beehive

Softbox 60x60cm or 24x24inch- P2300
Softbox 60x90cm or 24x36inch- P2500
Softbox 80x120cm or 32x48inch- P2800
Softbox 40x180cm with Grid – P3400
Softbox 35x160cm- P3400
Softbox 30x200cm- P4700
Softbox 30x120cm- P3300
Softbox 35x160cm- P3500
Softbox 22x90cm – P3000
Octagonal Softbox 95cm/38inch- P2800
Octagonal Softbox 120cm/48inch- P3200
Octagonal Softbox 140cm/55inch- P3600
Octagonal Softbox 200cm with Grid – P6200
Foldable Octabox 80cm with Grid – P3200
Foldable Octabox 120cm with Grid – P4000

Bowen Mount (NO GRID)

Softbox 60x90cm or 24x36inch- P2000
Softbox 90x90cm or 36x36inch- P2100
Softbox 80x120cm or 32x48inch- P2200
Softbox 91x122cm or 36x49inch- P2200
Octagonal Softbox 95cm/38inch- P2300
Octagonal Softbox 120cm/48inch- P2900
Octagonal Softbox 140cm/55inch- P3100
D1520 Softbox 150x200cm- P6500
DD-710 Softbox 70x100cm- P3600

Umbrella Type Softbox 120cm – P2100
Umbrella Type Softbox 80cm – P1950

Globe Softbox 80cm – P7000

Bowen Mount Foldable Studio Softbox

Softbox 60x90cm or 24x36inch- P3500
Softbox 80x120cm or 32x48inch- P3800
Octagonal Softbox 80cm/32inch- P3400
Octagonal Softbox 90cm/36inch- P3800
Octagonal Softbox 120cm/48inch- P4100
Octagonal Softbox 140cm with Grid- P4500

Bowen Mount to Flash Adapter- P1950

Product Box 60x60cm- P1600
Product Box 90x90cm- P2200
Foldio Product Box with LED- P4990
PS-01 LED Portable Photography Studio – P1990

LS-35 Ring Softbox 45cm – P1500


36″ Shoot Thru – P500
40″ Shoot Thru – P650
43″ Shoot Thru – P800
36″ Reflective (Black/Silver) -P800
43″ Reflective (Black/Silver) – P1200
36″ Detachable (Black/White) – P1000
43″ Detachable (Black/White) – P1200
75″ Black/Silver Umbrella – P3100
75″ Black/White Umbrella – P3100
40″ Reflective Umbrella Box – P1500
75″ Reflective Umbrella Box – P4000
75″ Projective Umbrella Box – P4000
72″ Phottix ParaPro Reflective – P4999
Standard Umbrella Reflector (Bowl) For Elinchrom SN-15 – P1000


22″ 5-IN-1 Round – P800
32″ 5-IN-1 Round – P900
42″ 5-IN-1 Round – P1,100
60″X79″ 5-IN-1 Rectangular Reflector – P1800
90x122cm 5in1 Reflector – P1800
100x150cm 5in1 Reflector – P1900
150x200cm 5in1 Rectangular Reflector – P2500
50×70″ 5in1 Reflector Oval – P1750
60×90″ 5in1 Reflector Oval – P1900
Mini Panel 22cm- P270
Circular Grip Reflector 49cm- P750
1-Way Reflector Holder- P1200
3-Way Reflector Holder- P3100
Boom Stand Holder – P900
Heavy Duty Studio Reflector and Diffuser Panel Kit 140x200cm – P10400
Powerful Reflector 35inch SN-26 – P4000
Standard Umbrella Reflector (Bowl) For Elinchrom SN-15 – P1000
Honeycomb Grid for Standard Umbrella Reflector – P900
3.6×3.6m 12’x12′ Butterfly Diffuser Kit – P24,000


3ft Light Stand – P750
6ft Light Stand – P1100
9ft Light Stand – P1500
12ft Light Stand – P2300
6ft Air Cushioned Light Stand – P1500
9ft Air Cushioned Light Stand – P2100
15ft Air Cushioned Light Stand – P3900
CB-03 Lightstand Bag – P1850
6ft Stainless Steel Light Stand – P3100
9ft Stainless Steel Light Stand – P4100


LS-07 Boom Stand – P3400
LS-10 Boom Stand – P4400
FS9309 Boom Arm Pole – P2400
FS9309 Boom Stand (Boom Pole Arm + WT806P) – P4000
Boom Stand Holder – P900
FS9104A C-Stand – P8000
FS9104A C-Stand with Boom Arm – P9000


6x7ft Background Stand – P2,650
10x10ft Background Stand – P4800
Manual Background/Chain Support – P6500
Ceiling Track – P29500

Muslin Cloth 2.3x3m (Plain) – P2150
Muslin Cloth 2.6x3m (Pattern W-069, W-025, W-102) – P2150
Muslin Cloth 2.6x6m (Pattern W-069, W-105) – P3900
Muslin Cloth 3x6m (Plain) – P3700

Seamless Paper (Black, White, Blue, Green, Gray, etc)
107inch x 12 yards or 2.72 meter x 11 meter – P4250

PVC Backdrop 150x200cm (White, Black, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink etc) – P1,700

Collapsible Backdrop Panel 150x200cm (Blue/Green) – P3900
Collapsible Backdrop Panel 150x200cm (Pattern Design W-103) – P3900
Collapsible Backdrop Panel 150x200cm (Pattern Design W-102) – P3900
Collapsible Backdrop Panel 150x200cm (Pattern Design W-028) – P3900


Flash Light Holder D – P800
Small Umbrella Bracket – P600
Umbrella Holder Spigot – P500
SA-02 Umbrella Lamp Holder – P550
Flash Bracket with Lamp Holder – P900
Tri Flash Holder FT9718 – P1400
Universal Holder – P1800
Bowen Mount L Bracket – P1950
Bowen Mount T Bracket – P1950
S Mount to Bowens Converter – P1600
SC-11 – 1/4″ to 3/8″ Camera Screw Converter – P180
SC-13 – 1/4″to 3/8″ Camera Screw Converter – P180
SC-12 – 1/4″ Hotshoe Mount – P220
SC-12 – 1/4″ Hotshoe Mount – P220
Micnova MQ-DHA01 Double Hotshoe Adapter – P650
Micnova MQ-THA01 Triple Hotshoe Adapter – P850
Micnova MQ-THM02 Triple Hotshoe Adapter – P650
Micnova MQ-DSE8 Hotshoe Slider 8inch – P850
Micnova MQ-DSE12 Hotshoe Slider 12inch – P1100
Micnova MQ-DSE16 Hotshoe Slider 16inch – P1300


SA-M40 AC Slave Flash – P900
SA-M45 AC Slave Flash – P1100
SY-8000 AC Slave Flash – P1700

Falcon Eyes DVR-300d LED 5500k – P5800
Falcon Eyes DVR-630d LED 5500k – P7800
18″ LED Ringlight (Bag, Lightstand, Diffuser, AC Adapter) – P6400
18″ LED Ringlight (Bag, Lightstand, Diffuser, Celfon Holder, Battery, Charger, AC Adapter) – P6900

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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