Studio Strobes Packages

Studio Strobes Packages

Godox TT350 (Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fujifilm/MFT) – P3,900
Godox TT520II Manual Speedlite with Built-in Receiver – P2,500
Godox TT600 Manual Speedlite with Built-in Receiver – P3,800
Godox TT685II (Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji) – P5,800
Godox V850II Kit – P6,900
Godox V860II (Canon/Nikon/Sony) Kit – P8,800
Godox V1 Pro C Kit Round Flash Kit Canon/Sony – P15,800
Godox V1 (Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji) – P9,000
Godox A1 Mobile Flash – P4,000
Godox ML-150 Macro Ring Flash – P3,900
Godox MF12-K2 Macro Ring Flash Two Light Kit – P13,990
Godox LUX Junior – P4,000
Godox LUX Senior – P6,000

Godox X3 2.4G Touch Screen Transmitter (Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji) – P3,700
Godox X1T Transmitter (Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji) – P2,500
Godox X2T Transmitter (Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji) – P2,990
Godox XPRO Transmitter (Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji) – P3,490
Godox XPRO II Transmitter (Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji) – P4,390
Godox EC200 Extension Flash Head – P2,000

Godox AD100 PRO – P12900
Godox AD200 – P15500
Godox AD200 PRO – P16500
Godox AD300 PRO – P20800
Godox AD360 II with PB960 Battery Pack – P27500
Godox AD400 Pro – P27500
Godox AD600B with Battery Pack – P35000
Godox AD600BM with Battery Pack – P27000
Godox AD600 PRO – P40000
Godox AD-H600 – P4500
Godox AD600 Pro Battery – P10,990
Godox MS200 200W Studio Flash – P5190
Godox MS300 300W Studio Flash – P6290
Godox QT400IIIM Quicker Flash – P22,000
Godox DP400III-V – P11,290
Godox DP600III-V – P12,990
Godox DP800III-V – P16,290

Godox WB29 Spare Battery for AD200 – P3400
Godox BD-07 Barndoor Kit for AD200 – P1800
Godox BD-08 4-Way Barndoor Set for AD400 – 1800
Godox AD-M Compact Reflector Kit for AD200 – P950
Godox AD-B2 S Twin Head for AD200 – P3500
Godox AD-S7 Multifunctional Softbox for AD200 – P1300
Godox S-R1 Round Head Adapter – P550
Godox H200R Round Flash Head for AD200 – P4000
Godox AK-R1 Accessory Kit for AD200 Round Flash Head – P2800
Godox AC-26 for AD600Pro – P9500
Godox SFUV6060 Collapsible Speedlite Softbox 60x60cm – P2500
Godox SGGV6060 Collapsible Speedlite Softbox with Grid 60x60cm – P3000

Godox CB-03 Light Stand Bag – P1,850

Godox Wistro AR400 High Power Ring Flash/LED with Battery Kit- P19900
Godox RS400P Portable Monolite – P18000

Studio Strobes Packages

Godox DE300 300W Pro II Monolight Strobe Flash Studio Lighting – P8200

Godox 120W Studio Set (P13,500 only)
2pcs. 120Watts Studio Flash
2pcs. Softbox 50x70cm
2pcs. Light Stand 6ft
1pc. Flash Trigger
1pc. Carrying Case

Godox 160W Studio Set (P14,000 only)
2pcs. 160Watts Studio Flash
2pcs. Softbox 50x70cm
2pcs. Light Stand 6ft
1pc. Flash Trigger
1pc. Carrying Case

Godox 200W Studio Set (P19,800 only)
2pcs. 200Watts Studio Flash
2pcs. Light Stand 6ft
2pcs. Softbox 50x70cm
1pc. Flash Trigger
1pc. Carrying Case

Godox 200W Studio Set (P28,800 only)
3pcs. MS200-V Studio Flash (new model)
3pcs. Light Stand 6ft
2pcs. Softbox 60x90cm
1pc. Flash Trigger
1pc. Carrying Case

Godox 300W Studio Set (P24,500 only)
2pcs. MS300-V Studio Flash
2pcs. Light Stand 6ft
2pcs. Softbox 60x90cm
1pc. Flash Trigger

Godox (3pc) 300w Studio Set (P32,900 only)
3pcs. MS300-V Studio Flash
3pcs. Light Stand 6ft
2pcs. Softbox 60x90cm
1pc. Godox Flash Trigger
1pc. Carrying Case

Godox (2pc) 400W Studio Set (P27,900 only)
2pcs. SK400-II Studio Flash (new model)
2pcs. Light Stand 6ft
2pcs. Softbox 60x90cm
1pc. Godox Flash Trigger
1pc. Carrying Bag

Godox (3pc) 400W Studio Set (P37,800 only)
3pcs. SK400-II Studio Flash (new model)
2pcs. Light Stand 6ft
2pcs. Softbox 60x90cm
1pc. Godox Flash Trigger
1pc. Carrying Bag

Godox 400w Flash Bulb – P4800
Godox Modelling Lamp – P1590

Godox 600W Studio Set (P38,500 only)
2pcs. DP600III-V Studio Flash (new model)
2pcs. Light Stand 9ft
2pcs. Softbox 80x120cm
1pc. XT16 Godox Flash Trigger
1pc. Carrying Bag

LED Lights

Godox ES-30 Kit – P6,400
Godox LED Video Light 36 – P900
Godox LED Video Light 64 – P1400
Godox LED Video Light 170 II – P2900
Godox ES-45 Video Light Kit – P6500
Godox LEDP260C LED Video Light – P5700
Godox ML30 LED Video Light – P5,500
Godox ML30 Bi LED Video Light – P6,500
Godox ML60 LED Video Light – P9,000
Godox ML60 Bi LED Video Light – P11,000
Godox FLS5 Fresnel Lens for ML60/ML60Bi – P5,000
Godox ML-SF3030 Portable Softbox 30x30cm for ML60/ML30Bi – P3,000
Tolifo MT-60S LED Strobe Light (Equivalent to godox SL60) – P5190
Godox SL60 LED Video Light – P6800
Godox SL60 IID LED Video Light – P6900
Godox SL60II BI (Bi-color) – P8000
Godox SL60III BI (Bi-color) – P8800
Godox SL100 LED Video Light – P7000
Godox SL100 Bi LED Video Light – P11000
Godox SL150 III LED Video Light – P14200
Godox SL200 II LED Video Light – P18800
Godox SL200 III LED Video Light – P18800
Godox SLB60W Portable Battery LED Light – P15000
Godox TL30 LED Video Light – P4990
Godox LR120 12inch LED Ring Light – P1700
Godox LR150 18inch LED Ring Light – P3000
Godox LR160 LED Ring Light – P7000
Godox LR180 LED Ring Light – P5500
Godox LED500LR-W – P7,800
Godox LC500 LED Light Stick – P7000
Godox LC500C LED Light Stick – P7300
Godox LC500R LED RGB Light Stick – P7900
Godox LA150D Litemon LED Light – P10,500
Godox LA200D Litemon LED Light – P13,500
Godox LA200Bi Litemon LED Light – P15,700
Godox LED 500 LR-C LED Lights – P7000
Godox 500 LED Lights – P8000
Godox 1000 LED Lights – P15600
Godox ML-05 Tricolor Lamp Bulb 85watt – P990
Godox cl55 Softbox Kit – P7500
Godox FL150R Flexible LED – P18800 (Free Softbox)
Godox FL150S Flexible LED – P15800 (Free Softbox)
Godox FL100 Flexible LED – P13800 (Free Softbox)
Godox FL60 Flexible LED – P12800 (Free Softbox)
Godox CL10 LED Webcasting Ambient Light – P3900
Godox LDX50Bi Bi-color Panel Light with Barndoor – P9,000
Godox LDX50R RGBW Panel Light with Barndoor – P11,700
Godox LDX100Bi Bi-color Panel Light with Barndoor – P17,000
Godox LDX100R RGBW Panel Light with Barndoor – P19,500
Godox BLP Bowens Mount LED Light Projection Attachement – P12,500
Godox BFP Bowens Mount FLASH Light Projection Attachement – P12,500

Godox LED Light Tent LSD60 60x60cm with LED Lights – P4900
Godox LED Light Tent LSD80 80x80cm with LED Lights – P5500


Godox CS-65T – P3,500
Godox Beauty Dish 42cm White – P3400
Godox Parabolic Softbox 90cm – P5600
Godox Parabolic Softbox 120cm – P6000
Grid for Parabolic Softbox 90cm – P1100
Grid for Parabolic Softbox 120cm – P1400
Godox Umbrella Type Softbox 95cm with Grid – P2500
Godox Softbox 60x90cm – P2300
Godox Softbox 60x90cm with Grid – P2700
Godox Softbox 80x120cm – P2500
Godox Softbox 80x120cm with Grid – P3300
Godox Softbox 30x120cm with Grid – P2950
Godox Softbox 35x160cm with Grid – P3500
Godox Octabox 95cm – P2400
Godox Octabox 95cm with Grid – P2800
Godox Octabox 120cm with Grid – P3500
Godox Octabox 140cm with Grid – P3900
Godox Foldable Octabox 95cm with Grid – P3500
Godox Foldable Softbox 60x90cm with Grid – P3200
Godox Foldable Softbox 80x120cm with Grid – P4000
Godox CS50D Lantern Softbox – P3000
Godox CS65D Lantern Softbox – P3100
Godox CS85D Lantern Softbox – P3700
Godox CS-50T Lantern Softbox for Livestreaming 50cm – P4000
Godox CS-85T Lantern Softbox for Livestreaming 85cm – P4300
Godox QR-P60T Quick Release Parabolic Softbox – P4000
Godox QR-P70 Quick Release Parabolic Softbox – P5500
Godox QR-P90 Quick Release Parabolic Softbox – P6200
Godox QR-P1200 Quick Release Parabolic Softbox – P7500
Godox UB-002-40 Reflector 40in Umbrella – P1000
Godox UB-130W Big Parabolic Umbrella 130cm – P4,990
Godox UB-165W Big Parabolic Umbrella 165cm – P5,490
Godox 5in1 Rectangular Reflector 150x200cm – P2500
Godox 7in1 Rectangular Reflector 150x200cm – P3200
Godox SFUV6060 Speedlite Softbox 60x60cm – P2400
Visico U Shape Reflector 180x60cm – P4200
Godox Collapsible Backdrop CBA-TA000* – P2,800
Godox S2 Bracket – P1,600
Godox S65T Collapsible Beauty Dish 65cm – P3,900
Godox S85T Collapsible Beauty Dish 85cm – P4,400


Godox VS-Mic – P1,900
Godox Movelink M2 II – P8,590
Godox Virso M2 Wireless Microphone System – P8,500
Godox Virso M2 for Sony Wireless Microphone System – P9,100Godox Movelink RX Extra Receiver – P3,990
Godox VDS-M1 Shotgun Microphone – P5,900
Godox UMic82 USB Condenser Microphone – P7,400

Godox VK1-LT Vlog Kit – P4,990
Godox VK1-UC Vlog Kit – P4,990
Godox VK2-UC Vlog Kit – P5,490

Godox GM55 Touch Screen Monitor – P9,450

E-200 Modeling Lamp- P100
E-200 Flash Tube- P750
EII-200 Modeling Lamp- P250
EII-200 Flash Tube- P750
Smart V-300 Modeling Lamp- P250
Smart V-300 Flash Tube- P1,000

Golden Shell DC-600 Ring Flash Head- P8500 only

45W Lantern Softbox 65cm – P4,600
120W Lantern Softbox 65cm – P5,400
120W Lantern Softbox 65cm RGB – P6,400

Phottix Indra500 TTL 65,950 12mo 0% / P59355 6mo % / P53000 CASH
Phottix Indra360 TTL 44,999

RIMELITE SWING III-T (Transmitter) – P3500/PC
RIMELITE SWING III-R (Receiver) – P2600/PC

Paul Buff Professional Photo Lighting

Einstein E640 Flash Unit – P30000 (SALE)

AlienBees™ B400 Flash Unit – P18500
AlienBees™ B800 Flash Unit – P20500
AlienBees™ B1600 Flash Unit – P24000

CyberSync™ Trigger Transmitter (CST) – P5000
CyberSync™ Transceiver (CSXCV) – P3600
Paul Buff Cyber Commander – P14000

Paul Buff Speed Ring – P3600

Paul Buff Vagabond Mini Lithium – P22000 (SALE)

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

If items you want is not on the list, please contact us as we may accommodate but for order basis only.

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