Video Accesories



Sevenoak SK-LS85B – P5500
SevenOak Slider SK GT-01N 60cm – P4400
SevenOak SK-LS60 60cm Slider – P4500
Sevenoak SK-GT02 Slider 120cm – P5500
SevenOak SK-CS02 Curved Slider – P13800
SevenOak SK-GTD60 Dolly Slider – P5200
SevenOak SK-DS60 Dolly Slider – P5200
SevenOak SK-GT100 Heavy Duty Slider – P7400
SevenOak SK-HD75 Heavy Duty Slider – P6500
SevenOak SK-MTS100 Electronically-Controlled Track Slider – P41000
F&V Slider (1m) – P13000
F&V Slider (.8m) – P11000
Konova K5 80cm – P16000 only
Konova K3 1m – P16000 only
Kamerar KSLD47 II– P7400
Kamerar KSLD23 II– P6400
Kamerar KSLDDLSD1 – P6900
Kamerar PSL-40 (40″ / 100 cm) – P13500
SK-LS120 Cam Slider 120cm – P5800
SK-LS85B Cam Slider 85cm – P5300
40cm Portable Retractable Slider with 80cm Actual Sliding Distance – P5800


Konova KSD2000 – P4900
Kamerar KCSKTRIDOL – P7900
P&CDOL – P3100
P&CDKIT – P4500
P&CGB-2 – P6900
Benro Dolly Tripod DL06 – P3400
Skater Dolly – P2500


SevenOak SK-A7C1 – Cage for Sony A7, A7S, A7R, A7 II, A7R II, A7S II – P9,990
SevenOak SK-GHC20 – Cage for Panasomic GH3, GH4 – P9,990
SevenOak SK-BPC10 – Cage for Blackmagic pocket cinema camera – P8,990
SevenOak SK-C03 – Universal Cage for DSLR – P6,990
Camera Cage for A6000 / A6300 / A6500 – P5800


Video Handle- P1900
Sevenoak Sk-W01 – P4200
Sevenoak SK-W03 Steadycam Pro v2.0 – P6700
Sevenoak SK-W02 Steadycam Pro v2.0 – P8000
Sevenoak SK-W05 Cam Stabilizer- P6500
Sevenoak SK-W08 Mini Cam Stabilizer – P1890
Flycam 3000 – P15000
Flycam 5000 – P17000
Flycam C5 – P17500
Flycam Junior – P8500
Glidecam HD1000 – P21500
Glidecam HD2000 – P28500
Glidecam HD4000 – P33000
SteadyTracker STU – P9300
SteadyTracker STX – P14000
Weifing HPH-200 – P8000
Weifing HPH-220 – P9000
Yelangu S40T Carbon Fibre – P4000
Yelangu S60T DSLR Carbon Fiber – P4500
Yelangu S700 DSLR Carbon Fiber – P6000

DJI Ronin 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer – P119,998
DJI Ronin M 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer – P65,998
DJI Ronin Mx 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer – P73,998
DJI Osmo Handheld 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal – P25,500 (NEW PRICE) + FREE OSMO Microphone + FREE Extra Battery
DJI Osmo+ Handheld 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal – P30,990 (INTRO Price)
DJI Osmo Mobile – P15,290 (Updated Cash Price)
Zhiyun Rider M 14,995.00
Zhiyun Z1 Evolution 15,995.00
Zhiyun Smooth II 16,995.00
Zhiyun Crane-M 26,995.00
Zhiyun Crane 38,495.00
Zhiyun Gopro Plate 1,995.00
Zhiyun Battery for Crane and z1 evolution 1,495.00
Zhiyun Live monitor 1,995.00
Zhiyun Wireless Remote 1,995.00
Zhiyun Dual Grip 4,895.00
Lanparte Hand Held Electronic 3-Axis Gimbal HHG-01 (iPhone/GoPro)- P15999 SALE PRICE!
GoPro Clamp GOC-01 – P1,499
Hand Held Gimbal Extra Battery HHGB-01 – P2,799
REMOVU S1 GoPro Hero 5 Stabilizer – P16500
Feiyu G5 Steadycam Gimbal for GoPro – P15,990
Feiyu MG v2 – P36,990
Feiyu MG Lite – P26,990
Feiyu SPG 3axis Handheld Gimbal for Phone – P15,990

SK-VAM01 Arm and Support Vest – P15500
Flycam Nano Arm/Wrist Brace (Black) – P4800

SHOULDER RIG/Accessories

ST-09 C Shaped Camera Bracket Stabilizer – P1290
ST-05 – Matte Box Set 85mm – P1790
ST-04 – Follow Focus Ring With Metal Grip – P990
Sevenoak MicRig Stereo – P2900
Sevenoak Motorized Follow Focus SK-MHF04 Shoulder Rig – P22000
Quick Release Plate Generic 323 – P650 (NEW/SALE!)
GENRL-01 – P12000
GENRL-02 – P15000
GENRL-04 – P20800
P&CVSRIG – P11600
Kamerar KAMFF3 Follow Focus – P6900
Kamerar KTANKTK2 – P10900
Kamerar KMTBXMX1 Matte Box – P8800
Kamerar KFRICARM11 11″ Magic Arm – P2800
Kamerar KFRICARM7 7″ Magic Arm – P2600
Aputure V-Wheel Metal Follow Focus – P5000
Aputure V-Control USB Focus Controller – P6500
Magic Arm 11″ – P1600
Magic Arm 7″ – P1500
SevenOak SK-F03 Follow Focus- P650
Sevenoak Sk-R01 – P4400
Sevenoak SK-R02 – P7400
Sevenoak SK-ARM02 Articulated Arm- P1950


EC-500 Carbon Fibre Mini Crane – P11500
Genustech Mini Jib Arm Kit – P18000
Trapezist Portable Mini-jib – P15000
CCFUv2 – P12500
CCFCX – P19999
FCU112 – P24999
SevenOak SK-JA01 Jib Arm – P5500


Mogopod Mk III – Size M P5600
Mogopod Mk III – Size S P4700
Mogopod MCR-1 Mogocrane Belt P3700
Mogopod TSD-2 Tripod Leg Stand P2990


WT3308A Video Tripod – P3400
WT800 Dolly – P3100
WT6734H Panhead Only – P1800
VH05 Fluid Head – P3300
VH01 Fluid Head – P3800


Prolite JSP QH-SP2000II 2000watts LED Light – P26000
TL-900S Eyes Digital Photography Light – P18500
Travor Icelight MTL-900 II Magic Tube Light – P9500
SH-600 (LED-600) Video Light- P10000
LH-360 Ring LED Light- P9500
Latour JYLED-1500S LED Light (with Barndoor) – 1500LED – P18500
Latour JYLED-1000S LED Light (with Barndoor) – 1000LED – P14000
Latour JY-SF1500 Softbox for JYLED-1500S – P2600
Latour JY-SF1000 Softbox for JYLED-1000S – P2500
Latour LED-Z1500S Tri-Fold LED Light – 1500LED – P19500
Godox LED Video Light 36 – P900
Godox SL60 LED Video Light – P5900
Godox SL100 LED Video Light – P13500
Godox SLB60W Portable Battery LED Light – P15000

FL-007 LED Light – P4000
JNT LED-1600 (Battery&Charger included) – P2450
JNT LED-5010A (Battery&Charger included) – P3100
Yongnuo SYD-1509 Video Light – P3000
Yongnuo YN-160 Video Light – P3000
Yongnuo YN-160 III Video Light (built-in microphone + remote) – P3500
Yongnuo YN-300 AIR Video Light (built-in microphone + remote) – P3700
Yongnuo YN-300 II Video Light (built-in microphone + remote) – P3900
Yongnuo YN-300 III Video Light (built-in microphone + remote) – P4300
Yongnuo YN-360 Wand LED Light – P5300
Yongnuo YN-600 Video Light (with AC Adapter + remote) – P6490
Yongnuo YN-600 AIR Video Light (with AC Adapter + remote) – P5490
Yongnuo YN-600 II Video Light (with AC Adapter + remote) – P7890
Yongnuo YN-900 I/II Video Light (with AC Adapter + remote) – P10990
Yongnuo YN-1200 Video Light (with AC Adapter + remote) – P12290
Yongnuo YN-168 LED lamp – P3800
Yongnuo YN-216 PRO LED Light – P3900
Yongnuo YN-608 Ring LED (with AC Adapter) – P7500
Yongnuo YN300 III / YN160 III / YN600 II AC Adapter- P850
F&V K160 LED – P1100
F&V K320 LED – P2100
F&V K480 LED – P3200
F&V HDV-Z96 LED – P3500
Aputure Amaran LED AL198C – P3700
Simock / Godox 500 LED Lights – P8500
Simock / Godox 1000 LED Lights – P15500
Simock VL-306S LED – P5700
Simock VL-128S LED – P4700
CD-1000 LED Fresnel Light – P10000
SP-650 Fresnel Led Light With Dimmer – P7500
Redhead(800w) w/ 6ft and Daylight filter- P8000
Extra 800W lamp for redhead- P850
Continuous Light 26wattsx4 w/ softbox 85cm – P4500
Continuous Light 26wattsx4 w/ softbox 65cm – P4200
Continuous Light G804A 26wattsx4 w/ Softbox 60x60cm – P4500
Continuous Light G804C 26wattsx4 w/ Softbox 50x70cm – P4500
Continuous Light G-804D1 Softbox 60x90cm with 4pcs. 85W Lamp – P5400
Continuous Light G-804D2 Octabox 90cm with 4pcs. 85W Lamp – P5600
Continuous Light G-804D1 Softbox 60x90cm with 4pcs. 105W Lamp – P5900
Continuous Light G-804D2 Octabox 90cm with 4pcs. 105W Lamp – P6100
105W Spiral Lamp – P1300
85W Spiral Lamp – P1000
26W Spiral Lamp – P650
Kaiser 1000w – P11500
Phottix Pro Video LED Light 9800 – P8000
Phottix VLED 168 PHP 3,500.00
Phottix VLED 198A PHP 4,100.00
Phottix VLED 260A PHP 4,650.00

Yongnuo YN300 III / YN160 III / YN600 II AC Adapter- P850


TAKSTAR SGC-100W Wireless Lapel – P3500
TAKSTAR SGC-598 DSLR Shotgun Microphone – P1650
TAKSTAR SGC-698 Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone – P1850

Boya BY-GM10 Lavalier Microphone – P1700
Boya BY-BM2021 Shotgun Microphone – P2500
Boya BY-BM3031 Shotgun Microphone – P4500
Boya BY-PM700 USB Condenser Microphone – 5300
Boya BY-M1000 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone – P5300
Boya BY-PVM50 Stereo Condenser Microphone – P1800
Boya BY-VM01 Stereo Microphone – P1090
Boya BY-PVM1000L Professional Condenser Shotgun Microphone – P3500
Boya BY-VM190P Microphone – P2500
Boya BY-MM1 DSLR Microphone – P1900
Boya BY-VM600 DSLR Microphone – P2100
Boya BY-M1 Lapel Microphone – P990
Boya BY-SM80 Studio Condenser – P2800
Boya BY-WHM8 UHF Wireless Handheld Transmitter – P5400
Boya BY-WXLR8 UHF Wireless XLR Transmitter – P5400
Boya BY-LM300 Dual Lavalier Microphone – P1800
Boya BY-LM400 Lavalier Microphone Smartphone – P1800
Boya BY-HM100 Dynamic Handheld Microphone – P3800
Boya BY-WM4 Wireless Lapel Microphone – P3600
Boya BY-WM5 Wireless Lavalier Micrphone – P4400
Boya BY-WM6 Wireless Lapel Mic – P6500
Boya BY-WM8 UHF Dual-Channel Wireless Lavalier Microphone – P11000

Saramonic SR-WM4C VHF Wireless Microphone – P4400
Saramonic TX10 + RX10 UHF Wireless Lapel Package – P13890
Saramonic TX10 Wireless Transmitter – P6290
Saramonic UwMic9 (TX+RX) Wireless Lapel Package – P13890
Saramonic UwMic9 (2TX+RX) Wireless Lapel Package – P18990
Saramonic UwMic9 TX Only Wireless Lapel – P6990
Saramonic G-Mic Professional Stereo Microphone for GoPro – P1680
Saramonic SR-GMX1 Lavalier Microphone for GoPro – P1890
Saramonic SR-LMX1 Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone – P1890
Saramonic SmartMic Microphone for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch – P990
Saramonic Vmic Condenser Wired Microphone – P5290
Saramonic HU10 Hand-held microphone (transmiiter) – P9000
Saramonic SR-H5M 2 channel XLR audio adapter with microphone kit – P12500
Saramonic SR-AX100 Audio Adapter – P2150
Saramonic SR-AX101 Audio Adapter – P3590
Saramonic SR-AX104 Audio Adapter with Amplifier Mixer – 5890
Saramonic SR-AX107 Audio Adapter with Amplifier Mixer – 6690
Saramonic “LavMic” Premium Lavalier Microphone with 2-Channel Audio Mixer and Outputs for iPhone/Android Smartphones, GoPro, DSLR Cameras, Camcorders and Portable Recorders – P4900
Sony ICD-PX240 – P3290
Sony ICD-PX333 – P3540
Sony ICD-PX440 – P3640
Sony ICD-PX533 – P5240
SGM-185 JJC DSLR Microphone – P1990
SGM-38 Lapel Mic – P1090
JJC Microphone – P2500
Zoom H1- P6800
Zoom H2N- P10500
Zoom H4N Pro- P14000
Zoom H5- P14900
Zoom H6- P20990
Zoom F4- P30990
Zoom F8n- P53990
Zoom APH-1 (Accessory Pack for Zoom H1n)- P1550
Zoom APH-6 (Accessory Pack for Zoom H6)- P2990
Azden WLX-Pro Wireless Lapel Microphone – P7500
Azden Shotgun Microphone Kit SGM-DSLR – P7700
Azden SGM-990 Directional Zoom Microphone – P5490
Azden EX503 Omni-Directional Electret Condenser Lapel Microphone – P1490
SENN HEISER EW-122 G3 – P39000
SENN HEISER MKE-400 – P15000
ProAim Cinecity Blimp – P18000
Panasonic AG-MC200G Unidirectional Microphone – P20,000.00
Panasonic MC-70 Phantom Powered Shotgun Microphone – P8,000

Mic02 Boom Arm Pole For Mic – P3800
Mic01 Microphone For Boom Arm – P2200

Rode Microphones


Rode Stereo VideoMic – P13,000
Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro – P16,000
Rode Stereo VideoMic X – P46,600
Rode VideoMic Rycote – P8,500
Rode VideoMic Pro + – P18,900
Rode VideoMic GO – P4,800
Rode VideoMicro – P4,000
Rode VideoMic ME – P3,950


Rode Filmmaker Kit – P23,950
Rode Newsshooter Kit – P31,000


Rode NTG1 – P14,100
Rode NTG2 – P15,500
Rode NTG3 – P37,000
Rode NTG3B – P37,000
Rode NTG4 – P18,000
Rode NTG4+ – P21,000
Rode NTG8 – P62,100


Rode i-XLR – P9,500
Rode SmartLav+ – P3,800
Rode iXY Lightning (NEW) – P12,600
Rode iXY – P12,600


Rode M5 Matched Pair – P12,000
Rode NTUSB – P14,000
Rode NT1-A – P15,500
Rode NT1000 – P21,500
Rode NT2-A – P23,000
Rode NT2000 – P33,000
Rode NT3 – P14,700
Rode NT4 – P32,600
Rode NT5 – P12,600
Rode NT5 Matched Pair – P22,500
Rode NT55 – P20,100
Rode NT55 Matched Pair – P43,700
Rode NT6 – P23,700
Rode K2 – P44,300
Rode NTK – P36,800
Rode NTR – P37,100


Rode S1 – P19,000
Rode S1-B – P19,000
Rode M1 – P6,500
Rode M1-S – P6,500
Rode M2 – P8,000
Rode M3 – P8,000
Rode M5 – P12,000


Rode Broadcaster – P26,000
Rode Procaster – P15,000
Rode Reporter – P10,000


Rode HS1-B – P17,000
Rode HS1-P – P17,000
Rode Lavalier – P12,600
Rode PinMic – P12,600
Rode PinMic-Long – P12,600


Rode SC1 – P1,200
Rode SC2 – P700
Rode SC3 – P700
Rode SC4 – P700
Rode SC6 – P850
Rode SC7 – P700
Rode iClamp – P600
Rode VC1 – P700
Rode VXLR – P600
Rode PG1 – P700
Rode PG2 – P4,600
Rode Boompole Pro – P15,500
Rode Micro Boompole Pro – P6,200
Rode Boompole – P7,700
Rode Boompole Bag – P2,000
Rode Boompole Clips – P700
Rode Micro Boompole – P2,800
Rode Mini Boompole – P6,200
Rode Pivot Adapter – P2,000
Rode invisiLav (3 pack) – P1,200
Rode invisiLav (10 pack) – P2,800
Rode CLIP1 – P1,200
Rode LAV-CLIP – P1,500
Rode Vampire Clip – P700
Rode Violin Clip – P700
Rode Lav-Headset (Junior) – P1,500
Rode Lav-Headset (Medium) – P1,500
Rode Lav-Headset (Large) – P1,500
Rode Blimp (NEW) – P15,500
Rode Blimp Extension – P4,300
Rode Universal Blimp Mount – P700
Rode Deadcat – P2,300
Rode DeadCat VMP – P2,200
Rode Deadcat VMPR – P2,200
Rode DeadCat GO – P1,410
Rode Deadkitten – P1,700
Rode DeadMouse-Pin – P1,500
Rode DeadWombat – P2,900
Rode MINIFUR-HS1 – P1,500
Rode MINIFUR-LAV- P1,100
Rode WS-HS1-B – P1,100
Rode WS-HS1-P – P1,100
Rode WS-LAV – P1,100
Rode WS2 – P1,100
Rode WS3 – P1,000
Rode WS4 – P1,100
Rode WS5 – P1,000
Rode WS6 – P3,000
Rode WS7 – P3,500
Rode WS8 – P1,500
Rode WSVM – P1,000
Rode DS1 – P1,500
Rode GN1 – P1,500
Rode PSA1 – P6,500
Rode PSM1 – P2,600
Rode Tripod – P1,700
Rode MiCon Cable (1.2m) – Black – P2,000
Rode MiCon Cable (1.2m) – Pink – P2,000
Rode MiCon Cable (3m) – Black – P2,400
Rode MiCon-1 – P1,000
Rode MiCon-2 – P1,000
Rode MiCon-3 – P1,300
Rode MiCon-4 – P1,500
Rode MiCon-5 – P1,500
Rode MiCon-6 – P1,300
Rode MiCon-7 – P1,300
Rode MiCon-8 – P1,000
Rode MiCon-9 – P4,200
Rode MiCon-10 – P1,300
Rode MiCon-11 – P1,300
Rode NT45-C – P5,800
Rode NT45-O – P5,800
Rode Pin-Back – P4,700
Rode Pin-Back-Long – P4,700
Rode Pin-Cap – P6,200
Rode Pin-Head – P700
Rode Custom Pin-Head – P700
Rode RC1 – P2,900
Rode RC2 – P2,900
Rode RC4 – P2,900
Rode RC5 – P2,900
Rode RM1 – P800
Rode RM2 – P800
Rode RM3 – P800
Rode RM5 – P800
Rode SM2 – P3,000
Rode SM3 – P2,900
Rode SM4 – P2,900
Rode SM5 – P2,900
Rode SM6 – P3,700
Rode SM8 – P2,900
Rode SMR – P4,300
Rode Stereo Bar – P2,200
Rode Stereo Videomic Bag – P750
Rode ZP1 – P400
Rode ZP2 – P400


F&V 7″ HDMI LCD – P9800
Sevenoak SK-LM7 LCD Monitor 7″ – P6,990
Viltrox DC-50 Wide Angle LCD 5″ HDMI – P5090

Video Mixer/Switches

Roland V-4EX Four Channel Digital Video Mixer with Effects – P90998
Roland V-1HD HD Video Switcher – P56998
Roland V-40HD – Multi-Format Video Switcher – P149998
Sony MCX-500 4-Input Global Production Streaming/Recording Switcher – P120,998 (Sony Warranty)


SevenOak SK-VF PRO1 – P3600
SevenOak SK-VF02N – P3600
LCD View Finder (V1,V2,V3) – P1800
FVF-01 View LCD Loupe – P1700
UNCamera LCDMonitor 3X PRoLoupe – P2500
Kamerar QV-1 LCD ViewFinder – P5200
Carryspeed Viewfinder 4 – P8100

Wooden Clapper Board – P650
Acrylic Clapper Board – P950

iPad/Tablet Teleprompter – P18000

Electronic Ballhead

Sevenoak SK-EBH01 Electronic Ballhead- P3290

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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