Video Accesories



F&V Slider (1m) – P13000
F&V Slider (.8m) – P11000
Konova K5 80cm – P16000 only
Konova K3 1m – P16000 only
Kamerar KSLD47 II– P7400
Kamerar KSLD23 II– P6400
Kamerar KSLDDLSD1 – P6900
Kamerar PSL-40 (40″ / 100 cm) – P13500
SK-LS120 Cam Slider 120cm – P5800
SK-LS85B Cam Slider 85cm – P5300
40cm Portable Retractable Slider with 80cm Actual Sliding Distance – P5800


Konova KSD2000 – P4900
Kamerar KCSKTRIDOL – P7900
P&CDOL – P3100
P&CDKIT – P4500
P&CGB-2 – P6900
Benro Dolly Tripod DL06 – P3400
Skater Dolly – P2500


Camera Cage for A6000 / A6300 / A6500 – P5800


Video Handle- P1900
Flycam 3000 – P15000
Flycam 5000 – P17000
Flycam C5 – P17500
Flycam Junior – P8500
Glidecam HD1000 – P21500
Glidecam HD2000 – P28500
Glidecam HD4000 – P33000
SteadyTracker STU – P9300
SteadyTracker STX – P14000
Weifing HPH-200 – P8000
Weifing HPH-220 – P9000
Yelangu S40T Carbon Fibre – P4000
Yelangu S60T DSLR Carbon Fiber – P4500
Yelangu S700 DSLR Carbon Fiber – P6000

Lanparte Hand Held Electronic 3-Axis Gimbal HHG-01 (iPhone/GoPro)- P15999 SALE PRICE!
GoPro Clamp GOC-01 – P1,499
Hand Held Gimbal Extra Battery HHGB-01 – P2,799
REMOVU S1 GoPro Hero 5 Stabilizer – P16500


SK-VAM01 Arm and Support Vest – P15500
Flycam Nano Arm/Wrist Brace (Black) – P4800

SHOULDER RIG/Accessories

ST-09 C Shaped Camera Bracket Stabilizer – P1290
ST-05 – Matte Box Set 85mm – P1790
ST-04 – Follow Focus Ring With Metal Grip – P990
Quick Release Plate Generic 323 – P650 (NEW/SALE!)
GENRL-01 – P12000
GENRL-02 – P15000
GENRL-04 – P20800
P&CVSRIG – P11600
Kamerar KAMFF3 Follow Focus – P6900
Kamerar KTANKTK2 – P10900
Kamerar KMTBXMX1 Matte Box – P8800
Kamerar KFRICARM11 11″ Magic Arm – P2800
Kamerar KFRICARM7 7″ Magic Arm – P2600
Aputure V-Wheel Metal Follow Focus – P5000
Aputure V-Control USB Focus Controller – P6500
Magic Arm 11″ – P1600
Magic Arm 7″ – P1500


EC-500 Carbon Fibre Mini Crane – P11500
Genustech Mini Jib Arm Kit – P18000
Trapezist Portable Mini-jib – P15000
CCFUv2 – P12500
CCFCX – P19999
FCU112 – P24999
SevenOak SK-JA01 Jib Arm – P5500


Mogopod Mk III – Size M P5600
Mogopod Mk III – Size S P4700
Mogopod MCR-1 Mogocrane Belt P3700
Mogopod TSD-2 Tripod Leg Stand P2990


JJC Mini Selfie Stick Tabletop with Phone Clamp – P1,395
WT3308A Video Tripod – P3400
WT800 Dolly – P3100
WT6734H Panhead Only – P1800
VH05 Fluid Head – P3300
VH01 Fluid Head – P3800
Sirui SH15 P8,990.00
Sirui SH25 P13,490.00
Sirui 3T-35K P4,490.00
Sirui BCT-2003 P52,990.00


Sirui SR24-E 52,990.00
Sirui SR24-EFM 52,990.00
Sirui SR24-MFT 52,990.00
Sirui SR75-E 47,990.00
Sirui SR75-EFM 47,990.00
Sirui SR75-MFT 47,990.00
Sirui SR35-M 42,990.00


JJC RL-SQ61 Mini RGB Led Light 2000mah – P1,395
Prolite JSP QH-SP2000II 2000watts LED Light – P26000
TL-900S Eyes Digital Photography Light – P18500
Travor Icelight MTL-900 II Magic Tube Light – P9500
SH-600 (LED-600) Video Light- P10000
LH-360 Ring LED Light- P9500
Latour JYLED-1500S LED Light (with Barndoor) – 1500LED – P18500
Latour JYLED-1000S LED Light (with Barndoor) – 1000LED – P14000
Latour JY-SF1500 Softbox for JYLED-1500S – P2600
Latour JY-SF1000 Softbox for JYLED-1000S – P2500
Latour LED-Z1500S Tri-Fold LED Light – 1500LED – P19500

Nicefoto TC-209RGB – P1845
Nicefoto TC-210RGB – P2795
Nicefoto LV-50B – P4595
Nicefoto LV-1230B – P7195
Nicefoto SL-150A – P3595
Nicefoto HC-1000SB.II – P8195
Nicefoto LS-16B – P3295
Nicefoto KT-SL313 LED Panel Light Kit – P14,800
Nicefoto LR-480C 18inch LED Ring Light – P3,900
Nicefoto S-16 Manual Background Chain Support – P4,900
Nicefoto TC-C2 RGB LED Stick – P3,500
Nicefoto BJ-600A – P3,500

FL-007 LED Light – P4000
JNT LED-1600 (Battery&Charger included) – P2450
JNT LED-5010A (Battery&Charger included) – P3100
Simock / Godox 500 LED Lights – P8500
Simock / Godox 1000 LED Lights – P15500
Simock VL-306S LED – P5700
Simock VL-128S LED – P4700
CD-1000 LED Fresnel Light – P10000
SP-650 Fresnel Led Light With Dimmer – P7500
Redhead(800w) w/ 6ft and Daylight filter- P8000
Extra 800W lamp for redhead- P850
Continuous Light 26wattsx4 w/ softbox 85cm – P4500
Continuous Light 26wattsx4 w/ softbox 65cm – P4200
Continuous Light G804A 26wattsx4 w/ Softbox 60x60cm – P4500
Continuous Light G804C 26wattsx4 w/ Softbox 50x70cm – P4500
Continuous Light G-804D1 Softbox 60x90cm with 4pcs. 85W Lamp – P5400
Continuous Light G-804D2 Octabox 90cm with 4pcs. 85W Lamp – P5600
Continuous Light G-804D1 Softbox 60x90cm with 4pcs. 105W Lamp – P5900
Continuous Light G-804D2 Octabox 90cm with 4pcs. 105W Lamp – P6100
105W Spiral Lamp – P1300
85W Spiral Lamp – P1000
26W Spiral Lamp – P650
Kaiser 1000w – P11500
ADAI K10 Mini RGB LED Video Light – P5500

YG-18 18-inch Ring Light with Stand, Bag – P3900
Emart 18-inch Ring Light with Stand, Big Adjustable 3200-5500K LED Lights Ring – P4000
Emart EM-LTL-60 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit – P1500
Emart EM-LTL-66-D-DE LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit – P1500
EMART EM-SBK105-DE – P4000
EMART 10in RingLight – P1490


TAKSTAR SGC-100W Wireless Lapel – P3500
TAKSTAR SGC-598 DSLR Shotgun Microphone – P1598
TAKSTAR SGC-600 DSLR Shotgun Microphone – P1598
TAKSTAR SGC-698 Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone – P1850

SGM-185 JJC DSLR Microphone – P1990
SGM-38 Lapel Mic – P1090
JJC Microphone – P2500
Azden WLX-Pro Wireless Lapel Microphone – P7500
Azden Shotgun Microphone Kit SGM-DSLR – P7700
Azden SGM-990 Directional Zoom Microphone – P5490
Azden EX503 Omni-Directional Electret Condenser Lapel Microphone – P1490
ProAim Cinecity Blimp – P18000

Mic02 Boom Arm Pole For Mic – P3800
Mic01 Microphone For Boom Arm – P2200


LCD View Finder (V1,V2,V3) – P1800
FVF-01 View LCD Loupe – P1700
UNCamera LCDMonitor 3X PRoLoupe – P2500
Kamerar QV-1 LCD ViewFinder – P5200
Carryspeed Viewfinder 4 – P8100

Feelworld F5 FWD 5 Inch DSLR Camera Field Monitor HDMI 7,990.00
Feelworld T7 FWD 7″ 4K On-camera Monitor HDMI 8,490.00
Feelworld F6 Plus FWD 5.5 Inch 3D LUT Touch Screen DSLR Camera Field Monitor 4K HDMI, SD Slot 11,990.00

Loupedeck LDD-2001 Live Console for Content Creators & Streamers – P16,000

Wooden Clapper Board – P650
Acrylic Clapper Board – P1100

Canare L3CFB SDI 200m roll – P25,500
Canare B3F SDI Connector – P750 per pc
Canare SDI Cable (2meters) – P2,500
Canare SDI Cable (5meters) – P3,500
Canare SDI Cable (10meters) – P5,500
Canare SDI Cable (20meters) – P9,300
USAN 3M HDMI 8K 2.1V – P890
USAN 5M HDMI 4K 2.0V – P1,200
USAN 10M HDMI 4K 2.0V – P1,700
USAN 15M HDMI 4K 2.0V – P2,200
USAN 20M HDMI 4K 2.0V – P2,690
25M HDMI 8K – P4,290
30M HDMI 8K – P4,690
40M HDMI 8K – P5,290
50M HDMI 8K – P6,290
Micro HDMI to HDMI 2.0 Cable 4K Male-Male 1m – P690
Micro HDMI to HDMI 2.0 Cable 4K Male-Male 2.0m – P790
Mini HDMI to HDMI 2.0 Cable 4K Male-Male 1.0m – P890
Mini HDMI to HDMI 2.0 Cable 4K Male-Male 1.5m – P990
USB-C to HDMI Cable Male to Male 1.5m – P1390
Microphone Splitter (Headset and Mic) – P550
USB Sound Card 3.5mm USB to Earphone Headphone – P1,400
Mini HDMI to HDMI Female Cable Adapter Support 4K – P450
Comica 3.5mm TRS-TRRS Audio Cable – P690
2 in 1 3.5mm Male to Female Audio Splitter – P550
EY-S04 3.5mm 3 Pole TRS Female to 4 pole TRRS Male – P490
0.5m XLR Female to 3.5mm (1/8 inch) TRS Male Jack Cable Microphone Wire – P690
1.5m XLR 3pin Female to 3.5mm TRS Male Audio Adapter Cable for Microphone – P790
HDMI to HDMI Cable 10m – P890
TRRS (Female) to TRS (Male) – P550

iPad/Tablet Teleprompter – P18000

Elgato Camlink 4K Live Capture USB – P7,490

AVerMedia ExtremeCap BU110 UVC HDMI to USB 3.0 – P10,000
AVerMedia ExtremeCap SDI to USB Converter – P10,000
AVerMedia Live Gamer MINI – P7,700
AVerMedia AM310 USB Multipurpose Microphone – P5,500
AVerMedia PW313 Live Streamer CAM – P4,500
AverMedia B0317 Video Conferencing Kit – P4,999
ATEN CAMLIVE HDMI to USB Type-C UVC Video Capture – P12,500
DESVIEW R5, 5.5″ Touch Screen HDMI On-camera Monitor 9,490.00
DESVIEW R6 11,990.00
DESVIEW R7P, 7″ Touch ScreenUltra Bright On-camera Monitor 12,990.00
DESVIEW R7S, 7″ Touch Screen 3GSDI On-camera Monitor 19,990.00
DESVIEW T2 Teleprompter for Smartphone/Tablet 3,990.00
DESVIEW T3 Teleprompter for 11″ Tablet 5,990.00
DESVIEW T12 Teleprompter 8,990.00
Type C to 3.5m – P250
Lightning to Headphone – P500
OTG connect Kit – P350
Type C to OTG – P350

Portable Screen Roll Up (White) 150x200cm – P8000
Portable Screen Roll Up (Green) 150x200cm – P8000

Eartec UltraLITE 7-Person HUB Intercom System with 1 Max4G Single & 6 Single Headsets – P87,500
Eartec Ultralite 4-Person Headset System – P44,500
Eartec Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium-Ion Battery for UltraLITE & HUB Systems – P1,700

LensGo 348C Wireless Microphone – P9,990
LensGo LWM-328C Wireless Microphone – P10,990
LensGo 318D Full Duplex Call Wireless Neck Microphone – P4,990
LensGo Smoke Genie – P14,990

Senda 1080P Webcam – P950
Senda 720P Webcam – P650

60W Dimmable LED Bar 2pc Kit – P6100
2pcs 30w Dimmable LED Bar Daylight 5500k
2pcs 190cm / 6ft Stand
1pc Carrying Bag

12″ LED Ringling with 6ft Stand – P1100

Neewer 660 LED Light – P7900
FREE Neewer NP-F550 Battery
FREE Neewer USB Charger F550

Movmax Blade Arm – P8,490

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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